Check out these tips to care for your lawn in Marco Island and Naples.

Fertilizing your lawn:

Reduce the number of times needed by choosing a fertilizer that has a low phosphorus content and a high percentage of slow release nitrogen.  This will provide nutrition for your grass and plants for a longer period of time.

Irrigate Smarter:

Over irrigation of grass reduced root growth while increasing the likelihood of disease and infestation of weeds.  Water the lawn when 50% of the lawn shows signs of wilt.  Never water between 10am and 4pm because the water will be lost to wind or evaporation.

How to Mow:

Grass is happiest when only one third of the grass blade is removed at one time.  This allows photosynthesis to occur keeping the blades green and healthy.

Choose Florida friendly landscaping:

Florida landscaping provided guidelines  for plants that are well-suited to Southwest Florida.  Check out

Information provided by Collier County  Pollution Control